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My First REAL blog entry

Now that I know the component is working - how about a REAL entry!

I am currently working on finishing the Switching Puppies to Raw section of the website.  I hope to have the last to page up and running tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

I also need to start adding more pictures to the website.  It's a slow process but it's getting there!!

So, what's new around the ranch??  Well, Kaynya went into season last week and Mauser and Spike have been driving us NUTS!!  Constant howling, whining, trying to jump the gate to get upstairs where Kaynya's crate is located (she's only in there until she's finished).  Mauser chewed a hole through the bathroom door trying to get to her!!

Anyone that wants to keep intact males and females together - think TWICE.  Then think about it one more time and, trust me, DON'T DO IT!! :)  We get spoiled being able to let the whole gang out together.  Now we spend a large amount of our free time rotating dogs.  We will be VERY happy when she's finished!! :)

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