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GSD Christmas Tree

We decided to have some fun with friends of ours.  We told them our German Shepherd, Riggs, was trying to catch our cat Zoe.  We said we were worried that things may take a disastrous turn due to the drastic lengths Riggs was going to in his quest.  We said we would take pictures and show them how determined he was.  Needless to say our friends were worried ... until they saw the pictures!

Use the link on the left to see our (VERY patient boy) Riggs helping us stage this prank on our friends!!


Veal Heads

Due to a mix up in my bulk order I ended up with a case of Veal Heads instead of Beef Hearts.  Being taught 'Waste Not, Want Not' I decided to let me gang have at them.  It was very interesting to watch them - just like watching one of those Wild Kingdom shows I loved as a child!

Use the link on the left to see our gang enjoying their day at Carnivore Camp!

German Shepherd Home

This is a great place for those interesting in learning more about or sharing your love of the German Shepherd breed!


Rabbit Talk

A great place to learn about rabbits.  Whether you raise/own rabbits for pets, showing, meat, or fibre - everyone is welcome!!