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We call it 'The Fastest Fun for Four Paw'!  Others refer to it as Crack Cocaine for Dogs!

Either way it's a sport that ANY dog can try and love!


The sport of Lure coursing was designed in the 1960s by sighthound enthusiasts.  Sighthounds are breeds like Greyhound and Whippets - dogs that were bred to chase things they saw moving.  Previously the way they tested their dogs was to take them out to large areas and release them to chase live game - usually rabbits.  The problem was that the dogs could encounter rough terrain while running and injure themselves.  Sometimes the dogs would not come back and an owner could lose their dog.

Lure Coursing was designed so that the course was predetermined.  They knew exactly where the rabbit (lure) would be going so they could be sure their dogs were safe and would always return to where they started.

The concept of the sport is simple - the lure (usually a plastic bag or piece of fur) moves and the dogs chase it.  In a trial the dogs are judged on 5 things - enthusiasm, follow, speed, agility and endurance.  Only sighthound breeds are allowed to compete in trials.

But sighthounds aren't the only breeds that like to chase things they see move.

In 2002 we had a dog party at our place.  A friend invite Pat and Jim Perry and they brought their lure coursing equipment.  Pat and Jim have been in sighthounds for many years and are avid coursers.

Our Cocker Spaniel - Tazer - tried it and was totally hooked!!  After the party we tried to find other places for him to lure course but since he was not a sighthound he was not welcomed at their clubs.

It took us a couple years to come to the decision that we just needed to get the equipment ourselves and run our own club and in 2005 Lure Coursing Fanatics was born!

At LCF ANY dog can run - regardless of breed or mi of breeds.  We have run everything from Chihuahuas to Great Danes and every breed and mix in between!  We do regular runs at our 2 acre facility in SE WI and help rescue groups and shelters by running fund raisers for them!


Stop by the Lure Coursing Fanatics website to read more about our club!