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On these pages there are detailed pictures of how I kill and butcher the meat rabbits we raise.  If this type of thing bothers you then ...


Once they are dead I bring them in the house, into our basement for butchering.  We have a utility sink that I use.  I have nails set in the wood beams above the sink - that's where I hang the rope for stringing up the rabbits.  I also place a large tub in the sink to catch the fur, skin and internal organs from the rabbit.

There's only 2 items I use for butchering - a pair of good shears and a Remington hunting knife.  This knife has two blades - one for basic cutting (the flat blade) and one for slicing through the skin and tissue (the hooked blade):


Remington Hunting Knife

I purchased mine at our local sports store in the hunting/fishing department.  I bought two so that I could have one open to each blade.  That saves me the trouble of switching blades.  Since they were only $20 each I felt it was well worth the money - especially when I'm butchering 10 - 20 rabbits at a time.

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