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Cage Rack for Rabbits

When I first decided to raise meat rabbits I wanted to be able to keep the largest number of rabbits in the smallest space possible while still giving each rabbit a good-sized living area. My wonderful husband Mike helped me design and build these cage racks.

Each cage row was 10 feet long by 16” tall by 30” deep and was divided into 5 cages (24” wide each). My decision to go 16” for the cage height was one based on economy. The larger the rabbit the more floor space and height they will need. I was raising mainly Rex’s so I could use the shorter cage height.  The each cage racks holds 2 cage rows. The rows are suspended inside the rack and metal sheeting is used to create the waste tray under the top row. The bottom row doesn’t have a waste tray. The waste tray is set on a slant so urine does not collect on the tray.

You will see on the assembling pages that when we built the racks we had them out in our field. That was NOT a good idea as there was no shade for the rabbits! Rabbits can withstand cold much better than they can withstand heat. One very hot summer we lost a dozen rabbits to heat stroke. I eventually moved the cage racks to a more sheltered and shaded area.

During the winter months I would wrap the cage rack in plastic and tarps to keep out the snow and wind. The tops of the racks were covered with plastic to keep out the elements. During the summer (before I moved the racks) I would hang tarps out from the backs of the racks to provide more shade for the rabbits.

Use the links on the left to see how we built the cage rows, the racks and how we put it all together.