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The #1 BEST source for finding out where to buy food is other raw feeders in your area!!

These people know all the places that sell what a raw feeder needs.  They know how to get the best prices.  They may even have formed co-ops so they can combine buying power to get better variety as well as prices.  They can be awesome help to those just starting out in raw feeding.

So how do you find those people?  Yahoogroups is great for that!!

There are hundreds of Yahoogroups devoted to raw feeding dogs (and cats).  They may be based on location or even breed.

Here is a listing of groups and their purpose.  Please note – I try to maintain this list as frequently as possible but new groups can form every day so if you don’t see a group for your area/breed – try searching Yahoogroups yourself:

I will eventually be listing all the groups here but in the mean time you can go to this link and find a listing of the 400+ groups!

The next best source is the internet!  Using sites like Yellowpages.com you can search for companies in your area that sell the stuff you need.  Search under the following business types:

  • Meat Purveyor
  • Meat Processor
  • Butcher

Another great course is Craigslist (and other free ad websites).  Post under the WANTED section in your location that you are willing to take meats that have been in someone’s freezer for long periods of time.  If you live in an area where hunting is big you might find people that want to give away last year’s game meat before they go hunting this year. 

Don’t ignore your local grocery stores!  They sometimes have great sales where you can stock up on items.  If you can’t find anywhere else to buy in bulk try talking with the meat manager.  They may be willing to order cases of things for you.

Look for farmers in your area that raise meat animals.  They may be willing to give away some of the parts they can’t sell (like green tripe).

Think about raising your own meat rabbits.  Just 3 does and 1 buck can provide enough rabbits to make up more than half of your dog's diet.  You can also sell some to other raw feeders!


Bailey Farms  Marshall, WI

If you live in the Madison, WI area you should check out Bailey Farms.  They are one of the places where I get my raw food.  Their main business is being a Stock Removal company.  When a cow dies on the farm or outlives it's usefulness (mainly milk cows), they are called to come kill the cows and remove the bodies.  They have been making raw dog food mixes for over 30 years.

They put the cows into two categories - for dog food and for the renderer.  Cows that have been dead too long or have been treated with antibiotics or hormones are put in the 'Renderer' category.  These animals are sold off to a rendering company - usually to then be resold to kibble manufacturers.  Cows that are newly deceased or that they kill on site and are CLEAN go into the dog food category.

They use liquid wood charcoal to denature the mixes (required by law).

They make several different mixes along with selling dehydrated beef liver and tripe.

Here are some pictures of their products.

The Greyhound mix (boneless beef and fat):

Greyhound mix

Here in the close up you can see the specks of charcoal:

Closeup of Greyhound mix


The dehydrated beef liver cubes:

Dehydrated beef liver


Here is their product listing (prices valid as of 1/1/2014):

Bulldogger Mix

  • 20% ground beef bone, 65% meat, 15% organs (liver heart kidney)
  • Comes in 50 lb case, 5 bags with 10 lbs per bag
  • Cost: $.40/lb  (Case price = $20)

Greyhound Mix

  • NO bone content
  • 80% boneless beef, 20% beef fat
  • Comes in 50 lb case, 5 bags with 10 lbs per bag
  • Cost: $.35/lb  (Case price = $17.50)

Puppy Mix

  • 33% Boneless Beef, 33% Beef Liver, 33% Tripe
  • Comes in 50 lb case, 5 bags with 10 lbs per bag
  • Cost: $.40/lb  (Case price = $20)

Beef and Tripe

  • 50% Boneless Beef, 50% Tripe
  • Comes in 50 lb case, 5 bags with 10 lbs per bag
  • Cost: $.40/lb  (Case price = $20)


  • 100% Boneless Beef Tripe
  • Comes in 50 lb case, 5 bags with 10 lbs per bag
  • Cost: $.40/lb  (Case price = $20)

Beef Bones

  • 40 lbs of beef bones - knuckle, leg, etc.
  • $14 per case

Ox Tails

  • 40 lbs of beef bones - knuckle, leg, etc.
  • $14 per case

Freeze Dried products - Beef liver, Beef, or Tripe

  • Cut into small cubes
  • $8/lb